I am a writer, what happens after I sign up?

Just try one and follow the instruction on the screen. Our system is designed to ensure that you can get an image done in no time.

Can I get a redo?

For most cases, we allow one redo. However, since the nature of the service is 'one wish for one image', we can't allow a member to ask for a redo everytime we did an image. Please make sure that you have a straight forward brief for us. Hey, it's only two bucks for a professional designer!

What is a 'wish'?

A 'wish' is our virtual currency. You get one image done for you for every 'wish'. If your 'wish' contains multiple image requested, our genies will made some changes on the amount of your 'wish' left, they are magical being anyhow.

Will I get a source / raw / editable file?

Wait, did you get what we mean by magic? As any magician will say, we'll bring our secrets to our grave.

Is this a template?

When you say a template, the definition is an artwork that used for multiple projects without any or little alteration. Our artwork is not a template, but pulled from our extensive library of Alexandria. Some image may look similar as we are employing a finite amount of designer (or genies, whatever), but it will not be 100% the same.

What's your moneyback guarantee?

If you don't like what you get after you paid, send an email to info@chartogenie for a refund.

How can I get a refund?

You will get a refund for your last payment within one month. Top up will be partially refunded, pro rated with the amount of wish used.

When will I get the images?

Within 12 hours, in some cases within an hour.

What can I 'wish' on Chartogenie?

Anything that you can reasonably describe on your 'wish' – you also get to upload a file too! If you can read the description within 5 minutes, our genie won't have any problem making the image for you. If it's too complex, they may need to send you a message or two to clarify – and this may delay the image production. We also provide several images that you can use as a base to start.

Please browse through examples below to see how others write down their 'wish' successfully.